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What Are the Pros and Cons of Smoking Shisha?

Shisha, also known as Hookah in some English-speaking regions, is a glass water pipe used in several Middle Eastern countries. While Shisha’s roots are in the Middle East (specifically Egypt), Shisha in Dubai is also quite famous; it has since gained worldwide popularity and can be found in many restaurants and cafes.

There are several places to enjoy Shisha Service in the United Arab Emirates. The fact that tobacco is not required to enjoy a shisha sets it apart. Instead, you can smoke and inhale natural materials like fruits, drinks made with water, mint leaves, and other aromatic compounds.

The subject of whether or not Shisha is beneficial to one’s health and society as a whole has been hotly contested for quite some time.

However, it is always advisable to make a well-informed decision rather than having  preconceived notions. Read this blog to find out more.

What is the difference between Hookah and Shisha?

Even though they seem similar, Shisha and Hookah are two different products. Tobacco, molasses, and other additives go into making Shisha, whereas a hookah is the device used to smoke it. Sizes and designs of hookahs may vary, but they all share the same essential components: a bowl for the Shisha, a vase for water, a hose, and a mouthpiece. When using a hookah, the shisha smoke is filtered first via water before being inhaled. This chilling effect softens the smoke, making it more tolerable to inhale. 

Conjectures about the Hookah

Hookah users sometimes believe that it is not addictive.

Non-tobacco items are sometimes sold at hookah lounges, implying that they pose no health risks to customers. However, despite removing visible particles, the smoke still includes hazardous levels of carbon monoxide and other components.

Other erroneous beliefs regarding hookah use include:

  • Hookah use does not lead to addiction. The fact is, the nicotine in hookah smoke is highly addictive.
  • To reduce the risk of inhaling toxins, hookah smoke contains water. However, the water does not dilute harmful substances in hookah smoke.
  • When inhaled, the smoke from cigarettes can “burn” the lungs, whereas the smoke from a hookah does not. The heart and lungs can still be damaged by hookah smoke even after it has cooled down.

Benefits of Smoking Shisha

For young folks, having friends around to share a shisha is an everyday social activity. People who enjoy smoking shishas generally do so in social settings with others. This makes people feel like they belong and brings them together. It’s also fun and relaxing.

There are advantages to smoking shisha as well. First, to put them at ease and help them unwind. It has the added benefit of stimulating thought and conversation. Some people who smoke cigarettes view Shisha as a safer alternative because they feel it has less hazardous effects.

Smokers of Shisha typically do it with a water pipe, also known as a hookah. This means they can enjoy smoking for longer without needing to light up as frequently. In addition, unlike cigarettes, the tobacco used in Shisha often contains less nicotine and is thus less of a health risk.

Despite the widespread negative perceptions, there are numerous advantages to shisha consumption.

Something to Replace Smoking

Middle Eastern culture has traditionally embraced Shisha. However, because they are far safer and less hazardous than ordinary cigarettes, they have become a global fad for many smokers. This is because the chemicals and carcinogens in Shisha are less potent than in regular cigarettes. Warning: notwithstanding this reality, smoking any tobacco product, including Shisha and e-cigarettes, is never a good idea and can have serious health consequences.

It’s a Great Stress Reliever

Tobacco is still an ingredient in Shisha, so its nicotine rush will calm your nerves and put you at ease. Shisha is typically consumed after a meal or during social interactions. To unwind, try Shisha instead of cigarettes because it has a lower percentage of chemicals and harmful substances and hence won’t have as much of a negative effect on your health.

A Fresher, Cleaner Odor

The aroma of Shisha is far more pleasant than that of conventional cigarettes because it typically contains fruit juices and essence. It smells less intense and maybe even better than a traditional cigarette because it has fewer toxins. Second-hand shisha smoke is a problem, but it’s much safer than cigarette smoke.

Safer for Your Teeth

Although there may be no advantages to hookah use, this is not the case. According to Dentistry IQ, hookah smoking is far less detrimental to one’s teeth. In addition, hookah tobacco, also known as shisha, does not leave a yellowish film on your teeth like cigarettes because of the unique way it is processed. 

Consider Shisha Pen 

Shisha Pen is a safer alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Shisha pens produce a pure, odorless, carcinogen-free vapor to simulate smoking. One of the main reasons why smoking is bad for your health is that tobacco contains many chemicals that are bad for you. In addition, toxins are produced when tobacco is burned, but since shisha pens don’t burn anything, they’re safe to use.

The addictive nature of nicotine is another drawback of cigarette use. This potent stimulant isn’t harmful but is very addictive and makes it more likely that the person will smoke tobacco, which is terrible for their health. On the other hand, E-shisha pens use a liquid that doesn’t contain nicotine.

The lack of smoke produced by a shisha pen means that it is not subject to smoking bans in public areas.

In a matter of seconds, the vapor produced by shisha is gone. This implies that the odor of secondhand smoke won’t ruin your surroundings.

About 600 hits from a shisha pen are to be expected. This makes them a far better deal financially than cigarettes.

Warnings for Hookah and Shisha Smokers

You should be informed of the risks associated with shisha use regardless of whether you choose to use it yourself. It’s probably advisable to stay away from Shisha if you’ve ever smoked cigarettes or anything else that is potentially threatening to your health.

Those with preexisting health concerns should seek medical advice before trying Shisha. For example, if you have diabetes, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, or any other serious illness, this may not be the best action.

We recommend looking for other sources of enjoyment or fulfillment before resorting to Shisha. For example, try having coffee or tea after dinner instead. If you smoke your Shisha with the right ingredients sometimes, it shouldn’t be harmful to your health. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a habit.


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